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It is our goal to do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. If we have exceeded your expectations, we would appreciate if you would take a couple minutes and write about how we made you smile and post a review.

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“Both of my kids are currently patients at Coombs Orthodontics, and we could not be happier with their treatment. Every single appointment, from the free consultation to device removal, has been incredibly smooth and easy. Their entire staff is friendly and kind, as well as quick and knowledgeable. We went to several offices before deciding on Coombs, and I’m so glad we did!”

— Megan B.


“With my unusual case of needing a lot of work done, I’ve been with Coombs for a while, and I have never had a single complaint. Everyone I have ever met there has treated me with sincere care and excellent expertise. Dr. Coombs always does precise and exact work and is consistently dependable for a job well done, every time. I’ve recommended Coombs Orthodontics to a few of my friends and they have been just as impressed or more as I have. Thank you for taking care of me throughout my time with you.”

— Michelle E.


“What a great office that does great work. I felt like Dr. Coombs was very detailed and did an amazing job with my daughter’s braces. The staff was able to accomodate our busy schedule for appointments, and was very organized. Appreciate having such a great orthodontist close by.”

— Brooke P.


“My boys are the second generation in my family to see Dr. Coombs. He is a fantastic orthodontist and provides excellent care, with a staff that offers the same quality of service. They have great hours, two locations, fair pricing, and fun for kids when they visit. Video games, iPads, cookies, free T-shirt on your first visit, not to mention the monthly drawings and yearly pool party. My family, my extended family, and many friends that I grew up with continue to use Coombs Orthodontics. Dr. Coombs and staff make you feel like you’re one of their family. My boys and I love Coombs Orthodontics.”

— Erica W.


“I have been impressed with the Coombs Orthodontics experience for my son from start to finish. Dr. Coombs is an expert who is committed to excellence and patient care, even solving a bracket issue one weekend evening without hesitation. The office staff are pleasant and helpful, from welcoming my son with smiles and caring conversation to entertaining younger siblings with games and coloring pages while we wait. Looking forward to beautiful smiles for all my children within the coming years, thanks to Coombs!”

— Mike G.


“Dr. Coombs’s office was wonderful! The entire staff is so caring and thoughtful. They always made my child feel special, and my younger kids loved eating the fresh cookies while they waited! Not only did they make my child feel like their number-one patient, but they made me feel good about the finances. They were very easy to work with, and made sure things got taken care of. I recommend Dr. Coombs to all my friends! He definitely knows what he is doing, and now my daughter has a beautiful smile!”

— Anonymous


“Nothing beats a great smile! I had my braces by Dr. Coombs and his team. They were great. Their office ran on time, they had reasonable fees with flexible payment plans, their office was clean, and Dr. Coombs finished my treatment on time! The office was fun, with exciting contests each month. I recommend Coombs Orthodontics for a fabulous smile!”

— Aly C.

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