Free Consultation Evaluation for Braces

Have you been told that you or your child may need braces?

What if your regular dentist has told you that you or your child need to be evaluated for possible orthodontic treatment? Our team will be more than happy to set up a complimentary appointment for you or your child to be evaluated in our office. There is no obligation to become a patient after this free consultation. We understand that each patient’s orthodontic need is unique, and we will give you the personal attention you deserve.

The following are what will be accomplished during this extensive free evaluation appointment:

  • Review the medical and dental history of the patient.
  • Thoroughly examine the patient’s bite and facial structures.
  • If treatment is indicated at this time, we will discuss a tentative treatment plan as well as alternative treatment plans with you.
  • We will tell you how long the treatment will take.
  • We will discuss what types of orthodontic appliances such as an expander, a space maintainer, a functional appliance, etc. are needed before braces can be placed effectively.
  • We will also recommend the type of braces most appropriate for your specific needs, such as conventional metal braces, clear porcelain braces or Invisalign (if needed).
  • We will discuss with you if any baby or permanent teeth need to be extracted from your child.
  • We will take photographs of your face and teeth.   This will help us with tailoring a treatment plan. Dr Coombs may also recommend that a complete set of orthodontic diagnostic records including X-rays and molds be taken. 
  • Our office team will discuss with you the fees and payment plan options as well as coordination with your insurance benefits.
  • Finally, we will answer any questions and concerns you might have regarding the treatment.

After we design your personal treatment plan, the office will set up your first appointments. After braces are placed, the doctor will see you every 5-6 weeks for examination and adjustment. Please do not forget to go to your regular dentist for routine dental health check-ups during the course of orthodontic treatment.

We are dedicated to help you or your child achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. Please contact our office today at (801) 773-5836index1 for a free evaluation and recommendation or request an appointment online!